Be real with real talk and real value(s)!

Professional, Expat?

About to lose your job?
Unable to choose from all well-intended (career) advice?
✔ Run out of ideas on how to motivate your team or drive change?
Having trouble staying on track and not be distracted?
✔ Unable to market your expertise?
Do you mindlessly roll from contract to contract?
✔ Need to inject meaning into your business?

I am Waheeda Shadood

Someone who constantly challenges herself, looking for ways to expand, innovate and refine her expertise to benefit others. Leading from a place of authenticity and value, and making an impact, came through a real understanding of the power of my personal stories.

With more than 20 years of experience in management, work and entrepreneurship I fully get the context of the value-seeking professional.

That is why I help worth and words seeking, wide-awake professionals, including expats, who struggle with their impact. They make sense of who they are and real with real talk and real value(s)! They make the impact they want in life and work!

Because work in the 21st century is not about confining job titles but about which problem you solve, the value you add and the people you touch: your meaning, your purpose, your mindset, you as a human and as a professional.

Why Impact Stories?

Because I believe the more we digitise and robotise, the more we value human authenticity. In how genuine, meaningful and impactful we are in the way we act, think, (find) work, conduct business and build relationships. Let’s get honest: what is the impact story you want to leave behind?

Secret spice?

Impact Stories’  secret ingredient is personal stories.  Back to the source of your meaning.  No mainstream tools. We applyDEI®.  Unique and proven methodologies developed by Impact Stories. A concrete and You-Based approach. Structuring language and sharp techniques enriched with the  storytelling method.  Aligning the human, the professional and the market.

Your hero’s journey equips you with professional and futuring value(s)!

We are all storytellers, taking our disparate experiences and assembling them into a coherent narrative that allows us to make sense of ourselves and the world.

Emily Esfahani Smith

Psychologist and Author

info@impactstories     |    06-11346979    |

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