The story that matters is ...

The story that adds meaning.
The story worth listening to.
The story that helps you choose and be chosen.
Your impact story.

Start with stories

Storytelling in this day and age is hip and happening. However, storytelling is our oldest and most natural form of communication. Stories have helped us since the beginning of humanity to make sense of ourselves, the other and the world around us.

The more we digitalise, the more we value our authenticity and our humanity. In how we act and think. These are the values found in your life stories.

Why does a customer choose you? Why do you fall for that that one job applicant? Why does your team follow you? Why does a certain speaker stay top of mind? Inspiration! Being able to motivate others to take action through your story.

Which stories do you wear?

The professionals I work with varying from starter to expert to small business owner, struggle with uneasiness in their work, job loss, loss of direction, loss of impact, lack of meaning and so on. The red thread? Age-old, existential questions: Who am I? What do I stand for? Why do I do what I do?

They touch me with their raw stories and inspire me with the answers we reveal. And then? Hence the work of the Story Tailor begins. Together with them, we transform their story material. Creative and with guts! Identity, meaning and purpose go hand in hand.

You are who you are supposed to be and do what you are meant to do. Authentic. Your environment is inspired.

Tell your impact story!

Storytelling is just a heartbeat away. Take David for instance, who tells the story of his hard-working mother, her haberdashery business and the morale she passed on to him: if a job is worth doing, then it is worth doing well. This story helped him, as a 61 year old, to land the perfect international job.

Or a team of HRM Lecturers who, after following a storytelling workshop, came up with brilliant ideas on how to replace boring meetings with storytelling sessions. And, how to use the story, the HR hero of the future, as a vision story.

Suffice to say, as a professional you cannot offer content without your unique story. Working with me means learning which story to tell (f, how, where, for whom and when. More meaning, more authenticity, more impact. Your Impact Story.

You choose and are chosen because of your impact stories!

From stories to sense to strategy

I was looking for a job for quite a while. Even though I knew I was good in what I do, I could not translate it to a proper motivation letter and as a result, I was not called back for interviews. It was frustrating. When I met Waheeda my life changed. It might sound cheesy but that is how it really was.

With just telling a few stories about myself, she helped me discovered who I was and which forces are really driving me forward – it was a real wow moment! It was a process I could never do myself and I needed Waheeda to clear that path of thought with me.

She helped me improve my motivation letter from boring to something worth sending (even did final changes very late at night), pimped my LinkedIn profile and guided me how to prepare for an interview well. And it all worked, a month and a half after our first meeting, I already had a new job!

I cannot thank her enough. With her clear guidance and friendliness, the sessions with her were confronting and yet very warm, open and valuable. Each person needs a coach like Waheeda, you’ll never know what you will find out about yourself! Einat Voordes

Instructional Designer and Production Manager, Elevate

When and how Impact Stories helps you use storytelling? Read on!


Did you know that storytelling can help help you land the job you really want? Or be really effective and impactful in the one you have? Or help you navigate the next important step in your career? Read how below.


Creating a one of a kind profile that combines language, algorithm, imagery and the law of attraction. That is the magic of storytelling. Generating relevant content! You stand out and are found because of your unique promise of value.


To help you market your service. Connecting your personal story to your business story. Discovering your why. Helping you choose and be chosen in a market where storytelling helps to bring across your professional identity. And much more below.


Organisations need storytelling to make sense of otherwise complex and dynamic situations. Storytelling helps individuals make sense of change, of restructuring, new product, change of culture and norm. But also to understand new ways of working. Because of storytelling leaders are believable, instill trust and connect.

Your personal stories strengthen your professional impact!

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