Choose and be chosen with the help of storyseeking, storycrafting and storytelling!

Storytelling gives you a blueprint, bearings & backbone!

  • Struggling with impact?
  • Identity?
  • Landing a job?
  • Driving change?
  • Connecting to customers?
  • Career (switch)?
  • Opening doors?

Did you know that (your) stories hold the key to these questions?


Hi, I am Waheeda

The daughter of a Master Tailor whose tailorshop was always filled with people hanging on to his every word. With storytelling he made them feel good. With his tailoring he made them look good.

I am a Story Tailor (following in the footsteps of my father)  and I have made it my business and purpose is to help you – sensegiving professional – use (your) stories to be meaningful in whatever you do in your career, on the market, in business, in leading change, creating movement, building relationships and creating real customer value.

Why storytelling?

The more we digitise, robotise and interact virtually, the more we value human authenticity. In how genuine, meaningful and impactful we are in the way we act, think, (find) work, conduct business and build relationships. Stories is our human way of communicating and emphasizes our authenticity. People do business with people of flesh and blood.


Stories are like the garments we wear, show, alter, discard, recycle, give away, admire, make our heart beat faster.

I help you wear your stories with pride. I believe you are the expert in your own life and are unique. Hence a unique approach. We use DEI® a storycrafting and sensemaking model to reveal your blueprint, bearings and backbone – purpose, in your personal stories. All other tools are aligned within this model.

We are all storytellers, taking our disparate experiences and assembling them into a coherent narrative that allows us to make sense of ourselves and the world.

Emily Esfahani Smith

Psychologist and Author

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